Sunday, October 18, 2009

Baby Cort!!

Well, our little guy arrived.....completely by surprise and 3 weeks early. I had convinced myself through the entire pregnancy that I would not go into labor on my own, given my track record of going over my due date and having to be induced with both of my other kids. Apparently, I had also convinced my husband because he did not believe I was in labor until he received verification from my Dr. Below is a timeline of that days events.

10/09/2009 (the day before Cort was born)
I wasn't feeling well all day. Not sick though. I didn't have a sore throat, cough, stuffy nose, or anything like that. I just felt bad and was really, really hot. I went in for a routine Dr. apt and my blood pressure was significantly higher. It usually was 120/80 and was 150/100 that day. My Dr. checked me and I was 80% effaced and 3cm dilated. She had me do a non stress test to make sure our baby was doing well. I went home and was really sick the remainder of the day and well into the evening....well, until about 2am the next morning. Then......

10/10/2009 (the big day)
I finally fell asleep about 2am, once I was feeling better. At 4am, I was woke up by some pretty intense contractions that were mainly in my back. From about 30 weeks until this point I had been having contractions, but they were mostly in my abdomen. I laid in bed and tried to informally keep track of them until 6am. At 6am, I got up and told Chad I was going to pack a bag just in case. He did not believe I was in labor and throughout the day he kept asking me to help with housework, despite the fact I was having contractions about every 8 min. About 9am I called my Dr. to give her a heads up that I MIGHT be in labor. I refused to go in for false labor, so I was going to wait it out as long as possible. From 4am until about 1pm (9 long hours) my contractions remained anywhere from 6-8 min. apart.

1pm: I called my Dr. because I wasn't sure if I was in true labor or not and didn't want to drive through the first snow storm of the year if I wasn't. I just wanted to discuss some of the symptoms I was having.
1:30pm: Best Dr. in the world comes to my house...yes!, to my house, to check me. Turns out I am 4cm and completely effaced. She tells us to head to the hospital and she will meet us there within the hour.
1:45pm: The exam sent my labor into full swing. Immediately after, my contractions are very, very intense and coming 1-2 min. apart. We call our friend to come watch the kiddos. Of course, everyone at church is at a retreat, so I have to call our head pastor at home and explain that I am in labor and can't be at work the next day. He was very kind, of course.
1:45pm-2:30pm: Waiting for our friend to arrive and feeling like I might actually go into shock from the pain and die.
2:30: Finally on our way to the hospital. 45 min. after seeing my Dr. and 10 1/2 hours into labor. I have to ride in the backseat of the car on my hands and knees because I can not tolerate the pain of the contractions sitting down.
2:50pm: Arrive at the pain, and now I am also feeling car sick. Awesome. They wheel me off and skip registration because I probably could have delivered the baby in the lobby if we waited for all of that to take place.
3:15: Finally, in a room and in a bed. Getting hooked up to IV's as fast as they can. Checked and now at 7cm. only 90 min. after my home visit with my Dr.
3:45: EPIDURAL!!
4:15: 9cm, but feeling really great.
4:30: 10cm and everyone is prepping to deliver the baby.
4:43: begin a practice push, which was enough to nearly deliver the baby.
4:47: 2 pushes later and baby Cort is here.

Recap: Total time of labor: 12 1/2 hours. Time without an epidural: 11 1/2 hours...Go me!! 3 pushes and 4 min. to deliver him. It took us until they were pushing us out the door to come up with a name. We finally decided on Cortlind Sawyer (Cort). He weighed 6 lbs 11 oz and was 19 inches long. He is so perfect.

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